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Frequently asked karaoke questions

  • Isn't renting a karaoke system expensive?
    Renting a karaoke system is an affordable way of dialing up the FUN factor at your party or celebration! Rates from StarPDX Karaoke are extremely competitive, and we can often match or beat our competitors. Starting at $200 for a basic local rental, you'll get the best quality, the BIGGEST song list, and the ultimate in service and professionalism.
  • How will I navigate a complicated sound system?
    StarPDX "has your back." We're well-versed in customer and technical support, and available throughout your rental period to get you through a snag. The training you get during set up is usally more than enough knowledge to get you through the night, but if you've got a problem, just give us a call. Of course, we offer FULL DJ SUPPORT if you would rather focus on your party than on the technical aspects of running a sound system.
  • What does your pricing include?
    See our "What's Included / Pricing" page for a full breakdown.
  • How is StarPDX Karaoke different from other karaoke rental systems?
    In a nutshell, quality, song selection, and service set us apart from other karaoke system rentals. We realize not every karaoke rental needs or wants full DJ support, so we offer the option to have a non-hosted karaoke rental experience. Other services tout their quality speakers, mics, and displays, but ours consistently rank as the best in town. Big speakers don't matter a bit if the singer's voice is distorted! Other services have a few thousand songs. Cool. We've got a few HUNDRED THOUSAND. Buyer BEWARE! StarPDX doesn't rent "karaoke machines." If your rental company offers you a karaoke machine, run away quickly! Karaoke machines are notoriously unreliable, poor quality, and have limited and outdated song lists. You'll wonder why you wasted your money if you rent a karaoke machine. If you'd like to discuss this issue further, please call us at 503-422-7177.
  • How about your variety and selection of songs?
    First, take a look at our song lists, organized by both title and artist. You'll see a massive karaoke music library, unmatched by any other karake system in Portland and Vancouver, GUARANTEED. We've got ethnic, regional, religious, and alternative language songs. Wanna sing it? We've got it!
  • What types of events rent karaoke equipment?
    Many different ones, ranging from birthday and anniversary parties, to corporate meetings, sales events, conferences, holiday functions, bar & bat mitzvah celebrations, and more! Our karaoke and sound systems are extremely popular for company holiday parties (Christmas, New Year's Eve, etc.), so be sure to book your November, December, and January events early!
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